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As in so much great theater, beauty, power and humor coexist on the same stage. Kathakali and its related styles has influenced other performance forms in South and Southeast Asia, notably in Indonesia, but also as far afield as Tibet, China and Japan, where its techniques were brought by Buddhist monks as teaching tools. In modern times, it's been a constant influence on European theater, in particular ariane Mnoushkine and her ThAAtre du Soleil, in Paris since 1964, and the great Jerzy Grotowski, probably the most influential man of the theater since 1950. On Monday night, Manoj will perform a "monologue" (but with plenty of action!) from the mid-18th century play 'Ravanodbhava,' in which Ravana recalls his early childhood and his mother's ambitions for him. Tuesday will see Manoj as Ravana again, in his Kingdom of Lanka, trying to woo the virtuous Sita, wife of Lord Rama, who Ravana's kidnapped and is holding captive in a beautiful palace--until his wife Mandodari intervenes, from the late 16th century play Torana Yudha. On Wednesday, Manoj will play Hanuman, searching for his ally Lord Rama's kidnapped wife, wrecking havoc wherever he goes, finally finding Sita in Ravana's palace garden, giving her rama's ring as proof of identity, a scene also from Torana Yudha. Manoj--who was trained at Kalamandalam, the premier Kathakali academy, and has appeared worldwide, including in 'Kathakali King Lear' at the Old Globe Theatre in London--will be joined onstage by guest artists Roshni Pillai and Jan Zeitlin, both traditionally trained Kathakali performers who have performed widely in Kerala, home state of Kathakali, and by Janhavi Pillai, making her debut as Ravana's wife Mandodari. Kaladharan Viswanath, a famous tour producer, who has lectured widely at American universities, has organized this tour. He'll introduce and explain the episodes, which will also be synopsized in the program. Graeme Vanderstoel is proprietor of Books on Asia and the Islamic World in El Cerrito and former program director of the American Society for Eastern Arts in san Francisco, with longtime experience in the production of touring shows from Eastern, South and Southeast Asia. Highly recommended! Kathakali brings so much to the stage, it's like aeeing several forms of classical and popular art combined in a single performance. Monday through Wednesday at 8 p. m., the Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar (three blocks east of Shattuck, between Spruce and Arch).

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